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He does it for you, Arthur. Only for you.

Arthur & Guinevere | hugs → asked by rubberglue

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merlin in the disir (5.05)character photosets | merlin


They really are such an old married couple

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Loserville Musical opening night at Garrick Theater in Covent Garden, London on 17th October 2012.

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homegirl must have felt like such a fucking idiot

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I want to pay tribute to Sir Lancelot. We owe him a great debt. It is not just his deed that we’ll never forget. It’s his courage. His compassion. His unselfish heart.He was the most noble knight I’ll ever know. He gave his life for all of us.

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Romantic things Merlin says when he’s half asleep. 

(The bonus theme this week is someecards and you should absolutely go read them all lmao)


Huntington ~~ Secret

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